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Creative Guitar Studio has become well known for its guitar courses. The curriculum covers every subject necessary to learning the guitar. The step-by-step course is constantly updated and improved upon. This ensures that each student receives the best possible guitar course while studying the instrument.

Read over the course descriptions below. If you see something that interests you, feel free to contact the office to receive more information.

Contemporary Guitar Program:

Course Description:

The Contemporary Guitar Program is by far the most popular course at the studio. This course is a non-certificate program designed to help students develop basic music skills, as well as, an understanding for how musical ideas apply to the guitar.

The Contemporary Program is customized to fit an individual student's musical interests and goals. The course material is hand-picked by the teacher and student to focus on the most relevant topics. During the weekly sessions, course handouts and MP3's will be provided along with additional supplementary material from the online video area.

Customized course material will cover a wide variety of guitar playing situations that will be focused on student selected topics. Student's will have the open option of selecting their own songs, theory topics, and guitar styles to study in the sessions.

Performing guitar melodies, developing rhythm ability, guitar technique and recognizing musical terms and symbols, will be the long-term goal of this course.

Transcriptions of student selected music will also be included as a major part of the lessons. As the student progresses with their playing, more advanced topics such as; music reading, improvisation, and jazz harmony can be covered in the sessions.

As the student continues to develop into a more advanced guitar player, greater challenges and increased skill building exercises will be introduced along the way to help further advance overall ability level.

Introductory Guitar Program:

Course Description:

The Introductory Program consists of ten project lessons which focus on the fundamentals of musical development. The easy to understand lesson format is designed to help each student determine their interest and ability, as well as, prepare for the more advanced Creative Guitar programs.

Introductory Guitar Program Core Curriculum:

  • Guitar Care and Maintenance
  • Proper Hand and Body Positioning
  • Tuning the Guitar
  • Music Reading in 1st Position
  • Chord Studies (all open position chord types)
  • Student Practice Guide and online video course access
  • Rhythm Guitar Studies: (Chord chart reading, creating rhythm guitar parts, strumming technique)
  • Guitar Technique (left and right hand dexterity and co-ordination)
  • Music Notation

Intermediate Guitar Program:

Course Description:

The Intermediate Guitar Program guides the advanced beginner through a series of ten project lessons which start to examine the guitar more in depth. The program focuses on using manageable and practical situations to help gain a deeper understanding and application for; music theory, guitar technique, chords and music notation.

The primary objective of this program is to improve overall musicianship and playing skills, as well as prepare the student for the Advanced Guitar Player Program.

Intermediate Guitar Program Core Curriculum:

  • Music Theory
  • Music Reading
  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Mapping the Fingerboard
  • Fingerstyle Guitar
  • Student Practice Guide and online video course access
  • Music Notation
  • Major and Minor triads
  • Rhythmic Theory and Application

Advanced Guitar Program:

Course Description:

The Advanced Guitar Program has a main objective of supplying the musician with the skills and creative confidence to work in a wide variety of playing situations at a semi-professional level. Extensive coverage of Harmony and Theory, Rhythm Guitar and Ear training, will allow the student to become fully absorbed in the art. The program is taught in 3 stages each consisting of ten study units.

Each stage takes the musician through more and more complex situations. The intermediate to advanced musician with a desire to improve musicianship and playing skills will become extremely well rounded in all of the most important areas.

An in-depth guitar curriculum combined with our successful and professional environment is what makes this program so successful. All three stages must be finished in order to successfully complete the Advanced Guitar Program and receive a certificate of completion.

Follow the link below to view the entire Advanced course description:

Advanced Guitar Program Course Outline

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The experience I had previously with guitar lessons was totally disappointing. The music studio I last attended set me up with a teacher who was about seventeen years old, (with no proper credentials to teach). I was sitting in a waiting room before lessons with a bunch of little kids - it simply wasn't the right environment. Coming to Creative Guitar was the best thing I ever did. The studio, teacher, and programs are incredible!

- Kevin

I'm honored to write a review for the place that's taken my guitar playing up to the next level. For years I struggled, but the Creative Guitar courses have been the only thing that turned on all the lights. Before, guitar was a mystery, now I can play scales, and a lot of songs (I have a binder full now). Just can't say enough positive about Andrew and his dedication. Great guy, and a great guitar school.

- Gerry

I took lessons for three months at another place and in that time I had 4 different teachers. And, from that, I knew that I needed to find another school. After a lot of calling around, I went with Andrew because from the first time we spoke on the phone I could tell he was interested in organizing a plan for me. The plan we designed has worked flawlessly. I have much better skills when it comes to chords and my strumming is great. Now, I'm working on a little bass so I can move onto doing some recording. Andrew is an absolute professional and his results are very impressive. Thanks for the awesome lessons!

- Sheila Neufeld