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A collection of video games that teach guitar notes on
the fret-board, scales, theory, ear training, & more!


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Cosmic Guitar Academy   A cool guitar site for text based guitar instruction, (no video), selling guitar DVD's & other music products.


Ultimate-Guitar Television  A brand new feature of THE most popular Guitar website on the internet!
I Want To Play Guitar Now Book and DVD programs for beginner guitar players at very low cost to the musician!

Shredaholic A site dedicated to playing fast and furious - lot's of guitar lessons and famous guitarist's profiles too!

Tweak Headz Lab An excellent information site for learning all about home recording & cool guitar gear!

Guitar Geek  "The" Guitar and Bass rig reviews and forum. Just think ...TONS of information on guitar gear!



Axe Music  Canada's on-line Music Store - items shipped directly to your door. Page after page of guitar and music equipment.


Insane Guitar  This site contains loads of Jam Tracks, Columns, and guitar Master Classes.


Tim Martin Guitar  Canadian guitarist and educator with a fantastic web-site!


Chops From Hell A massive guitar site with lessons, player jams, links, and more!


Better Guitar A comprehensive guitar site covering lessons, guitar player info., links, and more!








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