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For over 25 years Creative Guitar Studio has stood as the first and only privately run Professional Guitar Institute to offer higher education for guitar players in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.

Creative Guitar programs offer a combination of technical skill and knowledge combined with a practical approach taught in a unique way not available at any other facility in Winnipeg.

Study with a highly educated music professional, who works full-time in the music industry. You'll get the opportunity to experience professional music instruction with one of Winnipeg's best and most experienced professional musicians /guitarists.

Contact: Winnipeg Guitar Lessons

Telephone (204) 774-2722

To request additional information by email please use the contact page.

How to Apply:

Tuition Fees:

Your initial meeting (including all materials) is only $35.00 with tuition fees as low as $62.00 per month. Class times and rates can be adjusted to fit your personal budget.


Professional guitar /music instruction is available 6 days a week. Bookings are by appointment only. Pre-book your initial application meeting by either calling the office at 774-2722, or email for additional application information.


Corner of Dorchester and Harrow in Crescentwood (Winnipeg, MB.). Details regarding directions to the studio will be emailed after applicants complete their online registration.


Lessons are booked by appointment Monday to Saturday.

The studio is closed on Sunday's and all statutory holidays.

Studio Policies:

Classes are booked off of the studio calendar and tracked in your personal Student Account. Students will have a personal appointment schedule created from off of their class dates based upon dates of the studio calendar.

All appointments are pre-booked using our, "Quarterly," system. Please view the 2017 studio calendar for scheduling dates.

For further details regarding studio polices and enrolment terms, please view our student agreement, or call the studio office for more information.

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