Welcome to Creative Guitar Studio
Winnipeg's Professional Guitar Institute
- Established in 1992 -


25 Years

What it Is...

Creative Guitar is a registered music school in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. The studio is devoted exclusively to the professional training of the recreational and the career-minded guitar player.

Creative Guitar was founded by Winnipeg guitarist, “Andrew Wasson.” Andrew worked with some of the best musicians in the world while studying at the Guitar Institute of Technology, (G.I.T.), in Hollywood, CA. U.S.A.

As a graduate of this renown music school, Andrew has unique skills and experiences which he has organized into one of the most comprehensive guitar courses currently available in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Watch the video lesson above to see why hundreds of thousands of Creative Guitar Studio You Tube subscribers consider Andrew to be the, “best guitar teacher on the Internet.”

Winnipeg’s Creative Guitar Studio relies on proven methods developed over several years with students of all playing backgrounds. The topics covered are the most relevant to an advancing guitar players skill set. Abilities such as; Transcription, Rhythm Development, Improvisation and Technique are all woven into an incredibly comprehensive guitar course that is unique to Creative Guitar.

Our Winnipeg studio has offered both introductory and certificate guitar programs since 1992. The approach incorporates private classes along with online video sessions through the members area.

We are proud to be considered Winnipeg’s number one guitar education facility by many of Manitoba’s top music educators and music business professionals. Creative Guitar Studio is dedicated to helping students, of all playing levels, achieve their dreams and goals related to playing guitar.

How it Works...

The solid guitar curriculum guides the student in becoming confident, academically sound and enthusiastic about becoming the best guitar player that they can possibly be. Private classes along with a custom curriculum combined with our extensive library of guitar instructional material - all work to make sure each students musical development flourishes.

Our mission is one of developing our students into highly efficient learners and teaching students how to think confidently while expressing themselves musically on the guitar.

Our Students Succeed...

Over the years Creative Guitar has helped over one thousand guitar players in their quest at becoming the best they can be at playing and performing on guitar. Students have had enormous success such as; being signed to major record labels, staring on CTV's Canadian Idol, winning the prestigious Juno award, touring the world as indie and recording artists, as well as, getting into top Canadian post-secondary Music colleges such as: "Humber Music College," and "Grant MacEwan College."

Reach Your Goals...

You'll get the theory needed to analyze any style, learn the techniques to play it, and you'll learn how to transform these abilities into expanded directions.

When you study at Creative Guitar you'll find yourself quickly and easily becoming a well rounded musician. By now you already understand some of what you'd like to receive as a result of attending, so keep that in mind as you read all of the information available on our website.

The Creative Guitar Studio environment allows you the opportunity to experience new ideas so your musical awareness can flourish. The carefully thought out curriculum will allow you to accomplish all of your playing goals.

Local Guitar Instructors Study with Us...

Creative Guitar Studio instructs a number of Winnipeg's guitar teachers.

Why do Winnipeg's guitar teachers study with us? The reasons are simple...

~ Our studio has a unique and extremely comprehensive guitar curriculum not available anywhere else.

~ The material taught has been developed to perfection by professional instructors for over over 25 years.

~ Your teacher is an active - working - seasoned - professional musician.

~ Our studio, equipment, technology and gear is of the highest industry standard in quality.

~ Students have total flexibility to study exactly what they want. They can learn from material that is the most relevant to them.

~ Creative Guitar focuses upon the guitar exclusively. The entire studio environment is dedicated to all guitar types and guitar styles and to the role of guitar in music.

Popular Courses
Contemporary Guitar Program

My time spent at Creative Guitar helped me to develop my strengths, and keep my eyes, ears and mind open to all kinds of guitar playing.

- Bernard Kehler - Toronto


Great lessons. I love how you address all skill levels of players in your lessons. I ALWAYS learn something from you. Thanks a million!

- Jim Bee


Glad I found you, I’ve been playing guitar for 8 months and things are getting interesting.

- Utsav Ojha


Lessons at Creative Guitar are both casual and comfortable, and therefore I learn a lot in them. The skill of the instructor has opened my eyes to guitar music a whole lot more then when I started.

- Gord K.


After studying at two other local music studio's, (and being very disappointed with the lessons), I heard about Creative Guitar from a family friend who plays professionally. After the first few lessons at Creative Guitar I learned more than in months of classes elsewhere. It is simply the best guitar lessons available in Winnipeg, Manitoba - hands down

- Thomas M.


I am writing this to say thank you. Creative Guitar is so well organized compared to the other music studios we had our son enrolled in, it is obvious now, that those other places were ONLY about taking our money - not about teaching the instrument. It is nice to see a studio so dedicated, with such a highly skilled and educated instructor teaching.

- Brian


The experience I had previously with guitar lessons was totally disappointing. The music studio I last attended set me up with a teacher who was about seventeen years old, (with no proper credentials to teach). I was sitting in a waiting room before lessons with a bunch of little kids - it simply wasn't the right environment. Coming to Creative Guitar was the best thing I ever did. The studio, teacher, and programs are incredible!

- Kevin