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How do I Apply for Guitar Lessons?

Application is easy! Creative Guitar Studio, prospective students can submit their registration for classes either by telephone, or on the internet at the online registry page. To access the registry page please click here.

Once you have registered, a confirmation will be emailed to you. We will work with you to find the best appointment time that fits with your personal schedule.


Can I Apply at Anytime through the Year?

Yes. However, please realize that applications made after November 15 will apply toward the upcoming studio calendar year.


How much does it cost?

Tuition fees will vary depending upon which program a student attends. The Initial First Lesson is $25.00 which covers the 30 min. private class. The Initial Lesson will be both a lesson and an assessment of your playing skills, (as well as, an opportunity to answer any questions you may have).


Why are tuition fees lower at some other music schools?

At Creative Guitar Studio students have the unique opportunity to spend time with the absolute best professional instructors and equipment available in Winnipeg. This atmosphere does however come at a slightly higher cost.


Can I meet with someone from Creative Guitar without going through the Application process?

No. This F.A.Q. page along with telephone, and email correspondence can answer initial questions regarding our programs and lessons for new applicants. A meeting at the studio may only be conducted after properly completing the Application process.


What if I am not accepted after my Application meeting?

Normally, those who we see for the Application meeting are accepted. On the rarest of occasion where a student may not be accepted, reasons why would be explained to the applicant in detail. Some applicants pursuing study in Advanced or Professional level programs may not have the level of skill necessary to perform the material in those programs. In that scenario, other options of guitar study will be offered to applicants at their personal meeting.


Does Creative Guitar Studio accept beginners?

Yes. Introductory programs are offered, and some of the material contained within them is suitable for a beginner who has never studied guitar before.


What are Advanced Guitar Programs?

These programs are for students who have studied the guitar with other instructors in the past. And, who have attained a certain level of applied skill.


At what age can children attend?

The minimum age for most programs is 12 years old. Our more advanced programs have a minimum age requirement of 16 years old. Please check the age requirement in the course description for the program that you have an interest in. For our guitar programs; click here


Why are there Certificate and Non-Certificate Programs?

There are exams in Certificate Programs. Non-Certificate Programs do not test students on the material covered. As well, the Certificate Programs are much more intensive and cover material in an academic approach. The Certificate Programs are for the most serious students of the guitar.


Can I drop in to just jam?

Due to high enrollment and the busy schedules of our instructors, interested students must make applications in advance and pre-book all appointments before any lessons can begin. Casual lessons and one-off jam sessions are not offered or conducted at any time at Creative Guitar Studio.


Do I have to be a current student to attend seminars?

The seminars at Creative Guitar Studio are open to any guitar player with an interest in the topic being covered at a seminar. However, those players who are not students must pre-register in person before the seminar.


Can I apply for a teaching position?

The studio will only accept resumes by regular mail from educated professional players with an interest in teaching at our studio. Please do not email resumes. We request that all resumes be accompanied by a CD or DVD showcasing the ability level and stylistic chops of your guitar playing. Please include a recent picture of yourself along with photocopies of your degree, or diploma with the final grades you attained while studying music professionally at college, or university.







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