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Andrew Wasson: Studio Director  ~  Biography

A Personal Message...
When I was eight years old, I had two friends that played the guitar. It looked so interesting that for some unknown reason I was compelled to want to learn to play guitar more than anything else in the world. One day I convinced my parents to let me meet with a guitar teacher. He gave me a guitar to try and I talked my parents into buying me a $35.00 acoustic that he sold to his new students.

I played that guitar until it broke! One more acoustic and two electric guitars later, (plus 9 years of lessons), I finally had enough knowledge to attend a professional music college and get the real training I needed to play professionally. My interest in the guitar has never stopped, I guess nothing has changed since my old friends had first inspired me!
                                                 - Andrew Wasson

forhire_pic.1.JPG (15056 bytes)Andrew Wasson performing during a private
function at the,"Tavern in the Park - Art Gallery."

 Andrew Wasson first   began playing in front of audiences at age 11, and by his early teens had formed a rock band performing in Winnipeg’s community centers, halls, and at the 1985 Bridges “In Tune With Youth Festival.” Through high-school, (during the late 80’s), his band played hard-rock and classic-rock tunes in various local Winnipeg bars.

After re-locating to Los Angeles in 1991, he attended Hollywood, California’s “Musician’s Institute,” during 1991-92. When he returned he was asked to join the already formed funk-rock band, “Hot Tub.” After leaving Hot Tub in 1994, he joined, “Willpower." Afterward, Andrew joined the already established Reggae band, “Rebel Force," and worked with them until approx. 1997.

After hundreds of shows with various groups playing rock, metal, funk, pop, blues, reggae, calypso and latin music he began leaning more toward jazz than any other style.

Andrew writes, performs and records all styles of guitar. His pieces have appeared on CBC Radio and Television.

 Andrew plays live concerts, private engagements, corporate functions, and fund raisers for many of  Winnipeg's influential organizations.

He is most well known and highly respected for his work in the field of guitar instruction, and guitar education materials.

Keeping a busy schedule...Performing concerts, composing jingles, recording music, and conducting guitar workshops with Winnipeg’s top rock and jazz players including; Greg Lowe, Tony Des Marteau, Marilyn Lerner, Glen Matthews, Greg Black, John Ervin, Barry G. Player, Steve Hamilton, Janice Finlay, Chris Brett, Gerry Atwell, The Eli Herchivitz Big Band, Howard Rissen, Murray Pulver, as well as, many other talented musicians.

Andrew Wasson has established his company; Creative Guitar Studio, and the courses he has written and published, as a solid guitar program for aspiring players in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

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Andrew working at, "Channels, "audio facility.


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