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The Best Guitar Lessons in Winnipeg Since 1992

After graduating from the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, California, Andrew Wasson returned to Winnipeg with full intention to start a unique guitar school focused on having a step-by-step customized curriculum. At that time there were no private music schools operating in Winnipeg that were exclusively dedicated to teaching guitar.

In mid April of 1992 the Creative Guitar Studio program began. Five years later, in 1997 the final book of the Advanced Program was completed. The first graduate of the coarse, Bernard Kehler, (currently living in Toronto), graduated in 1997.

Some graduates have taught at Creative Guitar over the years, some have gone on to teach at other Winnipeg Music Schools. Others, such as 1998 graduate, Robert Hrabluk, continued with further training at the University of Winnipeg - Concord College


The Creative Guitar Studio Curriculum

Producing a top quality curriculum for students to study from has always been upheld as the principle direction of the studio.

The Creative Guitar curriculum is based on two fundamental principles:

1). Develop study material that a student can easily understand.

2). Include structured levels, with each level having an attainable ending.

Each Creative Guitar course has ten study units, and all have final reviews.

The intention has always been to stay away from basing the guitar instruction upon asking a music student, "what do you want to learn." That type of teaching approach is generally a waste of the students time.

Most students do not fully understand what they need to be working on. The student signed up for lessons in the first place because they wanted an instructor to develop a plan to guide them. This is precisely why the curriculum works so effectively.

There will be always be favourite songs and music styles of interest, (and they are most certainly covered in the lessons), but at the core, students need an orderly plan to follow. That is where the Creative Guitar Studio system comes in.

Upon beginning a course at Creative Guitar the student feels like there is a plan to follow, a map that leads to a destination. When this method is combined with learning songs and a large array of guitar techniques, the student flourishes.

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