Seminars, Workshops & Concerts...



Special Feature Guitar Clinics...


Tim Cummings

Tim Cummings teaches an Advanced Jazz Class


The 'Special Feature Guitar Clinics' offered at Creative Guitar will give guitar players fresh insight into new styles, musicianship, and guitar techniques. Guest instructors will work with students to explore and develop many areas of improvising and musical versatility on the instrument.





Live Playing...

Barry PlayerAn important part of

developing any musicians confidence comes from experience in live playing situations. Our supportive atmosphere allows each student the opportunity to experience live playing situations, become relaxed while up in front of others and develop confidence through performance training.

Barry G. Player teaches; Fusion Guitar Workshop




Guitar Workshops and Concerts...

Greg LoweStaff clinics and visiting faculty concerts are part of the school year at Creative Guitar. During concerts, and workshops students are encouraged to ask questions and get involved.




Greg Lowe runs through some improvisation
ideas during a 2-day jazz guitar workshop.








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