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Creative Guitar Studio has developed several guitar courses that cover every study approach imaginable. Our course material is constantly updated and improved upon. This ensures that each student receives the best possible study guides available when they come into the studio to learn guitar. Read over our course descriptions below. If you see something that interests you, please contact our admissions office to speak further with an instructor.



Contemporary Guitar Program:


Course Description:

The Contemporary Guitar Program is by far the most popular course at the studio. This course is a non-certificate program designed to develop basic music skills applied to the guitar. This program will be customized to contain information specific to the student’s requests. During the weekly sessions many practical situations regarding the student's individual interests in a variety of guitar playing situations will be covered. The student will select their own songs, material, topics, and styles to study. Recitals are optional.

Student's will learn; to play melodies, develop rhythm ability, recognize musical terms and symbols, as well as play guitar harmonies. All of their own choice. A study of the transcription of student supplied music will also be included as part of the lessons. More advanced topics such as; music reading, improvisation, and jazz harmony can be included as the student develops advanced skill and ability as a guitar player.

Note: The minimum age requirement for students of this

program is 12 years old.



Introductory Guitar Program:

Course Description:

The Introductory Program consists of ten project lessons which focus on the fundamentals of musical development. The easy to understand lesson format is designed to help the new student determine interest and ability as well as prepare for further Creative Guitar programs.

Introductory Guitar Program Core Elements...

* Guitar Care and Maintenance

* Proper Hand and Body Positioning

* Tuning the Guitar

* Music Reading in 1st Position

* Chord Studies

* Student Practice Guide

* Rhythm Guitar Studies (Chord chart reading, creating rhythm     guitar parts, strumming technique)

* Guitar Technique (left & right hand dexterity and co-ordination)

* Music Notation

Note: The minimum age requirement for students of this
program is 12 years.






Intermediate Guitar Program:

Course Description:
The Intermediate Program guides the advanced beginner through a series of ten project lessons which begin to examine the instrument in depth. The program focuses on a deeper understanding and application of theory, technique, chords and music notation in manageable and practical situations. The objective of this program is to improve overall musicianship and playing skills, as well as prepare students for the Advanced Guitar Player Program.

Intermediate Guitar Program Core Elements...

* Music Theory

* Music Reading

* Rhythm Guitar

* Mapping the Fingerboard

* Finger-style Guitar

* Advanced Guitar Technique

* Student Practice Guide

* Music Notation

* Major & Minor Triads

* Rhythmic Theory

Note: The minimum age requirement for students of this
program is 12 years.



Advanced Guitar Program:

Course Summary:

The Advanced Guitar Program has a main objective of supplying the musician with the skills and creative confidence to work in a wide variety of playing situations at a semi-professional level. An extensive coverage of Harmony and Theory, Rhythm Guitar and Ear training, will allow the student to become fully absorbed in the art. The program is taught in 3 stages each consisting of ten study units. Each stage takes the musician through more and more complex situations. The intermediate to advanced musician with a desire to improve musicianship and playing skills will become well rounded in all important areas. The in-depth curriculum combined with our successful and professional environment is what makes this program so successful. All 3 stages must be taken to complete the Advanced Guitar Program. A required number of live performance credits are also necessary to receive a certificate of completion.

To view the entire course description follow the link below:

Advanced Guitar Program Course Outline


Note: The minimum age requirement for students of this

program is 16 years.






Part-Time Access Programs:


Course Descriptions:

The Creative Guitar Part-Time access programs are designed to have something for everyone. You will have the opportunity to study theory, ear-training, music reading, styles and technique. Most importantly, you will benefit from the hands-on training and in-depth knowledge that is only available at Creative Guitar, yet not be locked into the demands of our Full-Time program.

Prelude Part-Time Program:

Prelude is a specially designed guitar instructional session. Each class will focus on whatever style of music you happen to be into. If you are a beginner, it gets you on the learning fast track and gets you started on the right way to learn and advance your playing. If you are an intermediate player, Prelude can provide the education you need in any specific area.

Note: The minimum age requirement for students of this

program is 12 years.

Allergro Part-Time Program:

Allegro is a special program for advanced musicians. Think of an aspect of you playing that you really want to improve. Think how it would feel if you had that nailed. This is the concept of Allegro.

* Correct bad habits or recurring mistakes

* Receive challenging assignments

* Upgrade your musical knowledge for improvising,

composing and performing.

Note: The minimum age requirement for students of this
program is 16 years.


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