The Toronto Star Interviews Andrew Wasson...


June 10, 2009:
Getting into the middle of a plagiarism dispute between hot British band Coldplay and legendary American guitarist Joe Satriani has helped Winnipeg music teacher Andrew Wasson's Creative Guitar Studio YouTube Channel gain a coveted place in YouTube's Partnership Program... Read The Toronto Star Interview





Andrew Wasson launches his personal website:

The Guitar Players Blog - Ask Andrew Wasson...


Jan. 20, 2009:
Andrew Wasson launched his personal website on Jan. 20, 2009!

The new site contains a number of video lessons answering questions from the Creative Guitar Studio subscriber base on YouTube. Keep checking in to watch new weekly updated videos covering questions related to guitar playing and working in the music industry. Visit:



Studio Director: Andrew Wasson's YouTube Hit!

RE: Satriani's Lawsuit Against Coldplay...


Dec. 5, 2008:
Andrew Wasson posted a song comparison analysis of Joe Satriani's song, "If I Could Fly," to Coldplay's tune, "Viva La Vida," on the popular video site YouTube. Within a month over 350,000 people watched the video! The number of guitarists from all over the world now interested in Creative Guitar's online video lessons has been overwhelming!


A music theory page has been posted online comparing the two songs in detail. Be sure to subscribe to the Creative Guitar Studio YouTube Channel for up-dates and new videos going online weekly!




Online Video Lessons...


Creative Guitar Movie

After receiving several requests from students, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering a library of online video guitar lessons. New lessons are released on our YouTube Channel every Tuesday and Friday. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to receive our posting feed on your own YouTube page.


Stay Tuned every week for free online video lessons!
Andrew Wasson

Studio Director


Take a moment to watch a few videos we have completed so far:





Video #1). Music Reading: Understanding the Music Staff





Video #2). Guitar Technique: Guitar Picking Tutorial





Stevie Ray Vaughn "Rare Video Lesson"





Greg Lowe Guitar and Bass Sessions CD... Greg has another fine CD release

featuring music of guitar and bass compositions. This CD is available on-line from Greg's web-site.



GUITARIST Lowe turns his jazzy touch to a disparate bunch of tunes from the pens of Roger Miller (King of the Road) to Carole King (I Feel the Earth Move) to George Harrison (Something) and four of his own compositions. He performs seven tunes with bassist Steve Kirby; the other six with Gilles Fournier and the guitarist is at his deft-fingered best, especially on Willie Nelson's Crazy, where he pulls the Lenny Breau feat of making a country classic sound oh, so un-country. Lowe sounds great with just the bass accompaniment; it's a rare chance to hear the intricacies of his playing.   ~ Chris Smith - Winnipeg Free Press



Andrew Wasson Self-titled debut CD is now available! Wasson's first CD is a compilation of guitar driven smooth-jazz instrumental originals. Featuring ten tracks, full band arrangements. Keep listening to 99.1 Groove FM in Winnipeg to hear a number of choice cuts now in play off the album. The CD is available at McNally Robinson, Music Traders, and Into the Music. Check out Andrew's myspace page for a chance to listen to some of the tracks just go to



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